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Business Funding

Changing the Way the World Does Business

Prospective clients initiate the process by meeting simple requirements set by our organization. These criteria are designed to ensure eligibility for our funding solutions:

1. Qualify

$30,000+ in Monthly Revenue

600+ Credit Score

Minimum of 12 Months in Business

Upon meeting the qualifying criteria, clients proceed to provide basic business information through our streamlined application process. This step enables us to understand their financial needs and business context better.

2. Apply

Completed Application
3 Most Recent Bank Statements

Once the application is submitted, our efficient approval system swings into action. Applicants receive a decision within hours, offering them the assurance of swift progress towards securing the funding they require.

3. Get Approval

Upon approval, clients swiftly move to the funding stage. Funds are disbursed promptly, often on the same day as approval, ensuring that businesses can access the capital they need without delay.

4. Receive Funding

Following receipt of funding, clients engage in the repayment process, making scheduled payments as agreed upon. Our support remains steadfast throughout this phase, ensuring seamless transactions and ongoing assistance to our clients.

5. Remit Payment

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