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Gain access to high-tech funding that matches the pace of your business. 

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Who We Are

At Sabre Capital Group, we offer more than just access to funding; we provide pathways for expansion while maintaining your independence. We craft funding solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring the flexibility necessary for you to maintain control and stay at the forefront of managing your business finances.

What We Do

We craft funding solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring the flexibility necessary for you to maintain control and stay at the forefront of managing your business finances.

Prospective clients initiate the process by meeting simple requirements set by our organization. These criteria are designed to ensure eligibility for our funding solutions.

Our Process

Who We Serve

Sabre Capital Group specializes in tailoring financial solutions to fit the needs of businesses ranging from $500k to $50m in revenue across a wide variety of industries

How Can Funding Help Support Your Business?

Bridge Financing

Bridge the gap between opportunities and resources, ensuring your business is primed to seize its next big chance without hesitation.

Acquisition Capital

Transform funding into the catalyst for expansive growth, enabling your business to capitalize on strategic acquisitions and propel its development forward.

Equipment Financing

Maintain seamless access to essential equipment by leveraging funding, ensuring your business remains equipped to meet its operational demands and seize growth opportunities effectively.

At Sabre Capital Group, our primary focus is to broaden financial horizons for your business. We diligently strive to achieve this goal by providing the solutions that your business needs for growth.


Our 4 Values Flag

A Different Kind of Company


Tailoring Solutions

Embracing Growth

Our Services


Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a great financing tool for businesses who need cash fast and receive the majority of their revenue through credit cards. We offer flexible repayment terms. Rather than fixed installments, a manageable percentage of daily credit card sales is allocated towards repaying the advance. This dynamic structure ensures repayment aligns with the business's cash flow, easing financial strain.


Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring emerges as an exquisite financial instrument, empowering businesses to transform their accounts receivable into immediate liquidity, seamlessly bridging the temporal chasm between invoicing and collection. In the realm where companies often find themselves constrained by the intricacies of managing receivables, invoice factoring offers an opulent solution, ensuring uninterrupted cash flow.


Corporate Advancement

For enterprises unable to secure a substantial bank loan or traditional financing, corporate advancements offer a refined avenue to regain momentum. Our corporate advancements undergo meticulous customization by the Sabre Capital team, tailored to the unique financial profile of each client. Terms and amounts are intricately calibrated to suit the individual cash flow dynamics and capital requirements of every enterprise.

Each corporate advancement is processed with celerity, typically garnering approval within hours and receiving funding in a matter of days. This expeditious process ensures swift access to essential working capital, facilitating the growth and prosperity of your enterprise. Repayment is managed with finesse, as a manageable sum is deducted from your corporate bank account until the advancement is gracefully repaid, alleviating the burden of a large lump sum payment.


Purchase Order Financing

In contrast to invoice factoring, which expedites the cash flow from your invoices, purchase order financing, or PO funding, offers businesses the confidence of having goods available for customers even before the creation of an invoice. This form of financing can be employed to fulfill single or multiple customer orders, as well as to manage seasonal spikes in sales.

It is imperative for a business to always ensure its ability to promptly and effectively fulfill customer orders. Failure to do so may result in the loss of those orders and the associated revenue. PO funding facilitates the timely payment of suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that orders are fulfilled promptly and revenue continues to grow.


Equipment Financing

Enabling companies to acquire or lease essential business equipment without the necessity of paying the entire amount upfront preserves valuable working capital. Opting for leasing not only conserves capital but also offers the advantage of flexible repayment terms. Financing a capital purchase ensures long-term ownership of the equipment.

Transaction terms are determined considering the value of the equipment, with the equipment itself serving as collateral. By opting for financing or leasing, the expense of the equipment is distributed over a designated period, ensuring that a more substantial portion of valuable working capital remains accessible to the business.


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